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      Product Description

      Sodium tert butoxide appearance: white or almost white particles, easy to dissolve in water and generate free alkali.
      Density: 1.10g / cm3

      Stable under normal temperature and pressure, avoid contact with strong reductant, moisture, air and acid Store in dry inert gas and keep container sealed, Store in a cool, dry place.

      It is slightly harmful to water and avoid exposing undiluted or large quantities of products to groundwater, waterways or sewage systems; Do not discharge materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.

      Sodium tert butyl alcohol is highly flammable, which stimulates the respiratory system and reacts violently when encountering water. Keep away from fire source and keep the container dry during storage and transportation. If you come into contact with your eyes accidentally, please immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek the advice of a doctor.

      Dangerous transportation Code: UN 3206 4.2/pg 2
      Safety signs: S26, S43, S45, S36 / S37 / S39
      Hazard identification: R11, R14, R34, r37
      Sensitivity: hygroscopicity susceptible to air pollution
      Storage precautions: vacuum sealing or nitrogen protection

      Product Specifications

      Term Index
      Appearance White or off-white particles
      Content ≥ 99%
      Free alkali ≤ 1%

      Product Quality Certificates
      The technology for granular sodium alkoxide and potassium alkoxide of our company have filled in the industry technology gaps, the preparation technology for granular metal alkoxide have overcome the technical problem for many years.
      We currently get 7 invention patents, 18 utility model patents, a number of software copyright, and R&D center have declared many inventions continuely.  Our products are sold both at home and abroad and have obtained the REACH certificate.  We have passed ISO9000/ISO14000/OHSAS18000, and obtained the high-tech enterprise identification.

      1. Used as organic synthesis intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.
      2. As a strong base, it is widely used in condensation, rearrangement and ring-opening reactions in organic synthesis such as chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, etc.

      Product Packing:
      Storage conditions: airtight storage, low temperature dry warehouse ventilation. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Store and transport separately from oxidants and acids.
      Packing: 25 kg/bag, 25 kg/drum, 100 kg/drum

      Company Profile
      Shandong Seesuns New Material Technology Co., Ltd has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shandong Langheng Chemical Co., LTD and Inner Mongolia Seesuns New Material Technology Co., LTD.   "Runheyou" is our brand, our company mainly produces metal potassium,potassium superoxide,sodium alkoxide & potassium alkoxide series products and high-end chemical oxygen equipment.  The products are mainly used as intermediates in medicine, pesticide, liquid crystal materials, etc., and also are widely used in aerospace, submarine navigation, mine rescue device, submarine exploration, plateau operation, fire rescue and other fields, which have a broad development space.

      Q1.Are you a manufacturer? Yes. Our plant locate at Jining, Shandong.
      Q2.Can you offer MSDS, specification and other documents? Yes, pls contact with me or send us email for further details.
      Q3. Can l have a sample?
      Yes, free sample is available but we cannot afford the international postage.
      Q4. What kind of payment terms is workable? T/T, LC
      Q5. What is the MOQ? At least 100kg in normal order.Less quantity in test order will cause higher price.
      Q6. What is your package? Normally iron drum and 4drums per pallet.
      Q7. Can you do OEM? Yes.
      Q8. Where is the loading port?  Shanghai port.
      Q9. what is the delivery time? Normal 7 days after the receipt of deposit.

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